About Us

PathemaRX’s mission is simple.  We strive to be the premier independent mail-order provider of prescribed medications and home medical supplies.  As a contracted member of most major prescription benefit plans, PathemaRX is able to deliver your medications and supplies shipped to your home with no additional cost to you.

PathemaRX is located in South Florida. Our vision is to be able to service patients in all states. At this time, we are licensed to serve patients via mail order in 20+ states. For a complete list of states please review our enrolment page. If you have a question, please call 1.800.236.0403 to speak to one our customer care representatives 24 hours a day.

Products and Services

We provide a full range of medications and supplies including a wide range of diabetic blood glucose monitors and other medications.


   Diabetic Testing Supplies

How It Works

Upon your request, we will contact your physician to request a prescription.  Prescriptions can be sent from your physician electronically or via fax to our physician fax line 1.888.868.4585.  If your doctor gives you a paper prescription, you must mail it to our office as we are not allowed to receive faxes directly from patients.

If you’ve recently had your prescription filled at a local pharmacy, in most cases we can transfer that prescription and ensure your refills are mailed before you run out of your current fill.  Once we receive the prescription, your order will be processed within 24 hours.  We will call you prior to your order shipping to confirm the delivery address and collect any copayments that are due.


PathemaRX provides all mail order customers with free shipping and handling, even on refrigerated items like Insulin and Humira. Since you’ve made a commitment to our relationship, we honor that commitment with free shipping.